Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Amazing waterfall!

One of our best pictures of Iguazu Falls! It´s actually part of a series of 70 waterfalls on the Argentinian-Brazil border. Absolutely amazing! Had a great holiday here and now into project number 2. Still really enjoying it, finding it challenging as well, but all going good. Miss you guys! Talk soon. Dan and JodesX

Friday, April 13, 2007

Yet another random image from Argentina..... enjoy!

Random photos... literally!

These are random pictures, one is Dan looking for nits for the guys in our team lol, and really haven´t even seen the second one! Hope you enjoy!

In Argentina!

Hey guys,
Sorry it has been ages since I spoke to many of you! But thanks to Ellie, I have now figured out how to put something on while over here (my Spanish isn´t that great yet to read the site stuff here). I can´t figure out how to see my camera on this computer, so you will have to just put up with my words! Well, things are pretty different here in good old Venado Tuerto. This small Argentinian town reminds my strangely of Junee, where I grew up in Oz. There are so many rust-bucket cowboy cars still alive... only just... and creeping down the road. It is dry and hot and really, not much to do here on the social side. On the work front, I have been building my muscles on the building site here, yep, you better believe it! Have been doing some brick laying and some plastering. My brick laying is way better than my plastering though. :)
It´s been pretty tough being a team leader... had to have quite a few serious chats with some people in the team about different things. Spanish is slowing getting there. So cheap here! And so much meat! Will be a vego when I leave I think! And the eat so much and stay up sooooooooo late! I feel so old.....
The people are so friendly though.
We have also been quite involved in the church services, and Daniel has even preached a sermon! In English though... and interpreted by our awesome Spanish team member!
In about 2 weeks we finish our first project and we are going on a short team holiday at some cool waterfalls on the border with Brazil, should be good (Nadia, if you are reading this, these are real waterfalls, it is not a metaphor... but the metaphor may appear as well). Thinking about vising the Golapogas Islands and Ecuador when we finish but not sure yet. Better keep going. Really miss you guys!!!!!
Jodes and DanXX

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To the north!

I couldn't come to Ireland without visiting the North, which some might call the occupied counties (yep, sorry it is British soil!). We went to Northern Ireland with some good friends of ours from South Africa (Nadia and Lorissa) and had a great time! We visited Giant's Causeway, as you can see with it's cool step-like structure, real freak of nature that! And also loved the view from a mountain in Donegal which had a 600m drop! The North was way more rugged than the south, and the accent was certainly had to understand! But loved it. And food and beer is cheaper too!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Heading to Argentina

I think many of you already know this, but we are heading to South America for four months in March to work with a charity Christian organisation - Latin Link. We have just found out the details of 'the mission'. We will be in Argentina for two projects and actually will be team leaders! That will be a challenge! If any of you want to support us with a kind donation then please check out a donation website we have just created:
Thanks, Dan and JodesX

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in Paris...

While many of you are enjoying a sizzling hot Chrissy in oz, give a spare thought for us 'doing our time' in cold Paris. Yep, tough life for us! lol. It has been really cold here but we are having a great time! We arrived on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas Day out on the streets of Paris with my brother, Glen, and nephew Jono. We introduced Jono to snails last night but Glen just couldn't go the mile for a taste! Guys, Paris is gorgeous! And even more so at Christmas. Lights are everywhere! The Eiffel Tower is all lit up and sparkling away but sadly today you couldn't even see higher than the first level because of the fog!
Had a great dinner at a French restaurant last night but our Christmas meal tonight was pasta cooked by none other than yours truly! Better than turkey with all the trimmigs though! The guys are keen to hunt down an Aussie pub tomorrow to check out the cricket, I'm sure they will find one. Tomorrow we are staying in a flat but I don't know the code to get in yet... should be interesting!